i had two episodes with my mania/bipolar last year. after the first trip in the hospital i wouldnt take any meds (never have before) and i got out of the hospital at about 115. im about 5'4 and have weighed 125ish for the last five years. i felt like i was too small and started trying to put on weight but stayed in the gym and got back to my normal 125 by july. in august i had another stay in a psychiatric hospital. they had me on a high dose of depakote and risperdal. i immediately started gaining weight. by my first doctors appointment at the end of the month i was already up to 145lbs. i was always hungry and super quiet and inactive. i kept telling my doctor it was a problem and he lowered my dose but nothing changed. i continued to gain weight into september. i moved to texas (from illinois) and got a new doctor. i stopped taking the depakote and risperdal and stopped gaining weight, but by this point i was up to 160. so my new psychiatrist has me on latuda and the weight gain hasnt been significant but i weigh 165 right now and ive been dieting for at least a month. ive always been super tiny and never had a problem with my weight until i started taking these meds. i think were going to try topamax next, but at this point im ready to give up taking anything altogether. i miss being tiny. does anyone have any advice or going through a similar situation? im honestly MISERABLE.