Everything was going well with my medicines, or so I thought, until I began having neurological problems. I was diagnosed with tardive dyskinesia/dystonia/akathisia from long term use of Abilify. So, my doctor switched me to lithium & Lexapro, then recently switched my Lexapro to Prozac. I have accumulated many medical issues & their commensurate drugs over the years. My latest issues include: uncontrolled type 2 Diabetes, swollen feet/ankles/lower legs, multiple panic attacks daily, start of dementia (diagnosed: Neuropsych Eval), breathing/wheezing issues, quick/significant weight gain, sections of frizzy hair mixed in with my naturally straight hair, 4 yrs post menopause acne, the head to toe problems associated with tardive dyskinesia, etc. I've been chastised for researching meds/side effects/contraindications on Drugs.com by some of my doctors. They have said it's their job - problem is, no one seems to be doing his/her job. Is there anyway/anywhere that I can go (USA/IL/Medicare/Medicaid) to get a global assessment done to check my diagnoses & get me started on medications that play nice together? Thanks.