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I'm bipolar and have PTSDand very depressed and other! I'm on meds and doesn't seem to help me?

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masso 25 Apr 2016

Hi, I also suffer from Bipolar disorder.

What meds are you on and how long have you been on them?

Kimbridges65 25 Apr 2016

I'm on Effexor er 150 mg x2aday and topamax 300mgx2aday it's not helping I'm so depressed I worry about myself

Kimbridges65 2 May 2016

Effexor er 300 mg a day and topamax 300 mg a day

WildcatVet 25 Apr 2016

Hi, Kim! I'm also BP. Send us your drugs and dosages and what your questions and concerns are. okay?
Best wishes to you, Wildcat

Kimbridges65 26 Apr 2016

I'm on Effexor er 300mg a day and topamax 300mgaday it's not helping

janiebme 26 Apr 2016

I hope you, Chuck and Masso may be able to address this post.

Zoe lmay 25 Apr 2016

Hi I'm Zoe. I have bipolar 2 with rapid mood swings and hypo manic. I also have PTSD. If your flash back are being triggered by your mood call your doctor. I don't know what meds or how long you have been on them but if there new med you might want to let your body get use to the chemicals being but in your body. If you can't stand how its making you feel please call or go in to your doctor. Don't just take your self off the meds.

Kimbridges65 25 Apr 2016

Hi I've been dealing with depression for yrs I'm on topamax and Effexor 150xaday not helping I've been on so much been hospitalized for my problems I'm up and down I feel like giving up at times .

janiebme 25 Apr 2016

Hi Kim-
I hope you post your duration and type of meds. There are some compassionate, knowledgable members on this site willing to take the time to be supportive.
You may want to post your question again and click the box for conversational so other can reply more than once.
Hang in there :)

Kimbridges65 25 Apr 2016

Hello I'm on Effexor er 300aday and topamax 300mgaday it's not helping my mood swings are crazy I've been hospitalized. for my problems I feel like I don't belong anywhere nothing seems to help . What do I do my dr. Thinks he knows everything think not he's not been there please help !

Kimbridges65 26 Apr 2016

I'm on Effexor er 300mgaday and topamax 300mgaday it's not helping me my mood is up and down manic depression bipolar and PTSD . How do you now if your ADD or ADHD

chuck1957 25 Apr 2016

Hi Kim, Yes as most have asked you we are all here to try to help but it would be nice to know what the medications your taking now, And also what you have already taken so we can try and help you.And just know that there are a lot of people here that would love to try and give you some advice on what has worked for us. Like some medications take a while before they become effective.But if you don't get back to us please call your doctor and see what is going on I know many of us because we are all different take different things for the same problems. It's just a matter of the Doctor finding the right medication to help you with your symptoms. And sometimes it takes a little while for them to get the right type that works the best for each of us Please feel free to come back in and give us some more information so we can get you some kind of answers on what problems your having. Please try and have a good day.

enicole1980 29 Apr 2016

I would love to know the same, I am BP/PTSD/Depression/Eating disorder and just now starting my new journey with a psychiatrist. In the past my PCP would prescribe me medications (effexor xr/prozac/lexapro/zoloft/celexa/wellbutrin) nothing worked. Recently my psychiatrist had me try Topamax for the BP and about immediately I got migraines. Today I am starting the Lamictal... I would love to follow this to see what happens and what works for you!

Inactive 30 Apr 2016

I was misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder based on the fact that my mother had it and I was showing similar symptoms, but they've since changed my diagnosis to PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and ADD. I don't wanna sound like a flower child or anything, but marijuana and a mixture of herbal tea seems to work wonders sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I still have my bad days where nothing seems to help, but those are worth a try. I live in Oregon, where marijuana is legal. I'm not sure where exactly you're from, but if you're in at least an approved medical marijuana state, it couldn't hurt to try. I've been on loads of medications: Celexa, Zoloft, Lithium, Trileptal, Risperdal, hydroxyzine(what a joke), and countless others, and nothing has helped me like marijuana. The herbal tea I drink consists of chamomile, yarrow, peppermint, catnip, and skullcap. free discount card

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