I am in pretty much constant(obviously not at this very moment) paranoia that ghost have been following me. Ever since I've been about 14 years old. That, and I've had hallucinations and paranoia that the creepy little girl from the movie "The Ring" has been following me too. Occasionally, I will have the notion that somebody is going to come and kidnap me or kill me. Apparently, the voices and different noises (someone banging on the door, etc) I've been hearing are also hallucinations. Because my boyfriend doesn't hear them. I would swear on my life that they are real, they freak the hell out of me and I lose a ton of sleep. But what's more concerning, is this weird "out of body" experience I get. It's like I'm disassociated with myself. It is so bad, that pretty much everytime my boyfriend comes home from work, it's like I'm seeing him for the first time. I know who he is, most of the time, but it's like I forget the people I'm closest too's face. Sometimes it gets so bad that I forget who I am, where I am, and whoever I'm with. I'm not sure how I know that it's happening, but for whatever reason I do. Because I freak out because it's happening. I am pretty much living in constant fear, and it's making it really hard to function on a daily basis. Does anyone possibly have any advice? Or maybe anyone have similar situations? Please help, I'm trying to get some help when I'm actually in a functioning state.