to "clean me out" and start over as he put it. For a very long time he has been advocating ECT treatment, which because of the type of work I do, I am very disinclined to take part in. I cannot take the risk of memory loss, recent or distant. Anyway, my most recent experience was for him to wean me off of Seroquel and add Celexa. That was not the most pleasant two weeks of my life. At the next appt he put me on 300 mg Wellbutrin (I have taken this med before to no avail... refractory depression does not respond to anti-depressants)... between the two appts I felt like I was in a constant hypomania state. He decided to add Abilify (2 mg)... (thank goodness I have good insurance). I asked if it would help with the agitation, anxiety, mood swings, etc. that I have been experiencing. "It might". NOTE that I have been on both these meds before and some that I cannot even recall. He said that being off of the Seroquel I seemed more "engaged" and not "flat" as I have been before. I prefer being flat to what I am experiencing now. He originally wanted to put me on Depakote (no thank you) and Geodon (again, no thank you).I suppose my question is this... has anyone else been on Wellbutrin and Abilify for bi-polar/refractory depression and experienced any success??? This ongoing nightmare has affected my job, caused me to use FMLA time, my employers just don't "get it" when it comes to being in this kind of situation and state of mind.

Prior to this beginning of this last/current episode, I started suffering extreme bouts of insomnia, during which I would be lucky to get one hour of sleep a night.

Any suggestions and/or shared experiences would be deeply appreciated. I just don't know which way to turn from here.