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What is bipolar disorders?

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PTAMom22 12 Mar 2013

Bi-Polar disorder is a mental condition that can be physically debilitating! It is broken up into several different categories. Basically it consists of the following: SEVERE insomnia, deep depression, extreme fatigue (depending on which type you are), manic episodes (extreme high energy), irrational thinking,psychotic delusions (depends on type), etc. I am bi-polar and fall into the category of manic-depressive. Extreme high energy episodes cause such severe manic episodes that hardly anything will help, bad depression, suicidal thoughts, radical mood swings, and numerous other horrific symptoms. I began Prozac 7 months ago and thankfully have my disorder in check for now. I recommend MayoClinic or other trusted medical websites if you are looking for more detailed information, treatment options, etc.

LaurieShay 12 Mar 2013

There are three basic types of Bipolar disorder called Bipolar I, Bipolar II and Cyclothymia. You can read about this disorder by going to

kymsu 12 Mar 2013

great info ptamom22,also go on and research bipolar disorders very good info.people with this disorder take prozac and seem to be ok.anyway do you research on this dont assume thats what they have until you see all the syntoms .its very difficult to deal with someone with bipolar dis if they dont take their meds and get it in their system for awhile ,my son 16 years old dont like to take his med and he is so hard to deal with then .anyway good luck. hope you research this and dont ignore it they can hurt themselves or someone elese. free discount card

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