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Bipolar Disorder - What medication have you found helpful for bipolar 2?

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drugcount 7 Aug 2011

Well, so far the best has been a combo. of 400 mg of Lithium and 200 mg Seroquel topped off with Effexor in the am.

But, it took me a long time to get here. I hope I helped.

smileyhappy 7 Aug 2011

Hi there,
I take lithium for major depression but I heard it's good for bipolar.
Hope this helps!

Inactive 7 Aug 2011

I suffer from bipolar 1 disorder.-

Please click on the link for helpful information:

Take care,

LaurieShay 7 Aug 2011

Hey oceanluvr,

Just wanted to share my experience. I too have bipolar type 2. I have found that I need an antidepressant along with a mood stabilizer. I take the antidepressant, Pristiq, and the mood stabilizer, Abilify. There are many antidepressants and it really requires trying different ones to find the right one for you as one size does not fit all. There are also many mood stabilizers to try. I wish there was a way for a dcotor to tell which combination is going to work for a person, but unfortunately it is a trial and error sort of ordeal.

Best wishes,


ironmaidn 8 Aug 2011

Lithum and Abilify. Together that combination has really helped me. Best wishes to you.

faithinme 13 Aug 2011

I know this question is a few days old, but thought I'd answer anyway :) I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 about 5 years ago and have found Lamictal to be very helpful. I went off of it about two years ago... decided I could handle it on my own. However, I went back on it about 2 months ago after a year of knowing I needed to get myself healthy again but putting it off. I am MUCH better now. I have a friend who also takes Lamictal and has also had very positive results with it.

drugcount 13 Aug 2011

Yes, my docs. first choice was Lamictal. It's really the best because very little weight gain issues/it's suppose to help the most people. But. I got some funky rash that was on my thighs and then moved to my jaw line. So, had to go off of it. I was disappointed.

Stacey Harbach 20 Aug 2011

Lamictal works great for me also. I have been on it about 5 yrs. I also take 3 more meds with it.

Beepoo 1 Oct 2011

I am bipolar, depressed, and have very bad anxiety and nerves... I take lithium it is a mood stabilizer and it makes me super mellow and I'm only on 300 Mgs a day... It is a wonderful drug!!! I feel almost normal for the 1st time in forever I never felt so chill!! No more emotional rollercoasters, thank goodness. There is another mood stabilizer called depakote and I try it and it help me none plus It was an extremely high milligram and had no effect on me!! Wishing you luck... I so understand what you at going thru... if you Need someone to talk to I'm here!! Best wishes--- beepoo free discount card

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