... cymbalta for years abilify goedone lamictal
Geodne i never slept, abilify i gain 40 lbs in 3 mos.
While Cymbalta kept me level it also made me more depressed and lazy.
Now i take topamax with pristiq
I feel like a new person who gained her life back having energy having an interest in work again.
However it also has me feeling perpetually angry Im snapping at everyone and everything.
I told my doc and he increased the topamax to 2x per day.
I feel this isn't the answer... all these pills, and ups and downs.
I stopped taking everything its been 4 days
I'm nervous depressed. The only person I can stand being around is my hubby...
I'm crying now. I feel like my emotions are a tornado that will eventually turn into a volcano that will erupt leaving no one but myself left...
Can anyone relate? My doc certainly can't
plz help me :'(