I'm a waitress, and i recently started topamax. i started at 25mg, and i'm increasing weekly until i reach 100mg nightly. i'm at 50mg right now. i'm starting to just feel that overall stupid feeling and its affecting my performance at work, which totally sucks. does anyone take topamax for bipolar and does the overall slowness start to subside? also my doctor put me on it to help me shed a few pounds because i'm about 50 pounds overweight. how long until that starts to happen? i'm on birth control and i think that's what makes my appetite so insane, so i'm discontinuing that as soon as this month's pack is over which is in just a week. i just hope i don't start getting docked hours at work because of my performance. also, my stress level has been through the roof, but i think that could just be because of the upcoming holiday. i don't know, i guess i'm just looking for some advice or something. thanks all.