... syndrome about 4 days ago. I seem to feel even more tired than usual. Is this normal when starting Adderall? Do the side effects eventually wear off after I've taken it for a while? I thought this drug was a stimulant so I'm confused. My doc said that it might cause anxiety, but it's not doing that at all. I am taking 10 mg in the morn and 10 mg at noon. I also take Nuvigil 250mg in the morn, but my doc plans on tapering me off of that. She didn't want me to cold turkey it. I'm on other medication as well, but it's been the same meds and doses for several years. The chronic fatigue seemed to hit earlier this year so it's unlikely that I'm suddenly having side effects to drugs I've been taking for 5+
years. My recent blood work was all normal. Any info is greatly appreciated! I don't know where to go from here -