I've been diagnosed and treated for unipolar depression and anxiety for the last year, which has been around for much of my life. Part of it has always been mood swings. I have recently started seeing a psychiatrist who switched me from Aropax (Paroxetine) to Lovan (Fluoxetine). It has relieved my anxiety but previous mood swings seem to have been exacerbated. I can now very quickly (sometimes more than once an hour), and repeatedly switch between feeling quite excitable and as though everything is fine, and being low and having the whole world seemingly against me. The only time I feel level is after taking a small dose of Seroquel, which was prescribed for sleep. Is this just a product of having only been on Lovan for two weeks or has it exacerbated pre-existing and undiagnosed BPD? My next psych appointment is Wednesday, opinions please! :)