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What other meds are not compatible with bipolar drugs like: Seroquel, Lithium, Lamictal.

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LaurieShay 21 May 2012

Are you asking from a pharmocological interaction stand point or from a treatment of symptoms standpoint? Not sure what you are asking, I guess.

Hollie Berr 29 May 2012

I'm asking how the Seroquel, Lamictal and Lithium interact, so I'm asking from a pharmacological view. However, severe dizziness and tremors has directed me to stop using the Lithium. The tremors have almost stopped and the dizziness is a lot less. We stopped the Lithium all at once. Tremors are a definite problem with this drug. Seroquel, apparently, has an effect on encouraging diabetes. Not good. We are working on lowering this. It has to be done slowly. So, the question is: I realize that changing up the doses will affect the reactions, but what reaction do these meds have on each other regardless of the dose. Also, any suggestions on a replacement for the Seroquel?

LaurieShay 30 May 2012

The following is the link to read about possible interactions between these drugs:,1430-848,1979-1274

As far as what could replace Seroquel, it really depends on why you are taking it: depression, mania, anxiety or sleep for example. There are many medications that could possibly work as well as Seroquel but not have the same effect on blood sugar levels. free discount card

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