... years now and it has seemed that isn't working well now. She gets something on her mind and can't let it go. She is physically fit and she has had mental disorders all her life. She was diagnosed just about 20 yrs ago. Her family ( her siblings ) has told us that when she in her younger years she had problems as well and if she didn't get her way she would have temper tantrums, cry, act like she is having a seizure and throw fits. She doesn't have a seizure disorder of any kind. Her sons including my husband has been told to take her to a mental hsp where we live to get professional help. She is refusing to go and there are days she seems like her ole self, but is still not living in the present time, argues with us, yells at us and is rude to the caregivers where she lives. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Its wearing on our families and soon it will wear on her health too.
Thank you!
Lost & worn out