... underactive thyroid, temporal lobe epilepsy (no seizures since Jan 2005), insomnia, hemiplaegic migraine,
i take 1000mg valproate, 200mg sertraline, 150mg pregabalin, 7.5mg zopiclone, 25mcg levothyroxine, 10mg buprenorphine, 200mg ferrous sulphate plus sumatriptan 50mg PRN.
from May 2012 i was taking 50mg lamotrigine BD which was trebled by my psychiatrist on Friday to 150mg BD, i.e. a jump from 100mg to 300mg overnight.
all day i've struggled to even stay awake and do the simplest tasks right. i've also noticed slight tremor (i always have some) plus mild/moderate ataxia and dystonia which i'm familiar with, having been on several anti-psychotics in the past.
apart from that i feel well, (i've no vertigo or rash), and my mood is good.
even so i'm skipping the 150mg lamotrigine tonight and reverting to my normal dose of 50mg BD tomorrow until i can speak to my psychiatrist next week.
reading the list of contra-indications between my medications is like a horror story; only one, (an asthma inhaler), has none.
what do you think about the increase in lamotragine, (given that i'm on 1000mg valproate BD already. do they not each potentiate the actions of the other? i don't especially want to fall asleep permanently from respiratory depression or develop necrolysis of my skin. sounds lovely, doesn't it?
also, shouldn't it have been increased over an 8 wk period in the same way as it was initially introduced?
then i assume that both my psychiatrist and my GP couldn't have messed up. i hope...
thank you and apologies for any typos - i've kept nodding off trying to post this lol,