Two years ago my son (7 at the time) was diagnosed ADHD. We recently had him re-evaluated and the psych has diagnosed him w/ early onset bipolar & ADHD. With the ADHD, he was taking Concerta and he wasn't acting oppositionally defiant, aggressive or beligerent. Since the new evaluation, we have only been medicating for the bipolar with Depakote and Respirdol; however, since starting the Respirdol his aggressive and beligernent behavior has spiked. It seems to us that the Respirdol has amplified these behaviors. Does anyone have similar experiences with Respirdol?

Also they psych is positioning Lithium if this combination of meds doesn't work. I've read studies that suggest not giving Lithium to children under the age of 12 and other studies have recommended not giving Lithium to kids under 7. Any feedback on effectiveness of Lithium in young children is greatly appreciated