... feel more stable than I have in my life. The only thing that worries me is that Celexa is ONLY for Major Depressive Disorder. It works very well for this, even giving me a more centered look on life. However, it is NOT for Bipolar Disorder. I've even begun to question my diagnosis because my "anxiety" level has gone up through the atmosphere. My MD refuses to give me anything for Anxiety and the county I live in has NO Mental Health Program and I haven't seen a Psychiatrist for three years. I've had to resort to Medical Marijuhana which does help with the Anxiety. I'm just confused as to whether I'm having Anxiety attacks or Mania. Physical symptoms are inside shaking, I feel like a live wire, Vertigo, detached from my body feeling, eventually nausea and sweating. It gets to a point where I have difficulty breathing. Racing thoughts could be mania or anxiety. I just don't know what to do with no access to a Psychiatrist nor medication beyond Celexa. Any ideas anyone?