I have been taking lithium since November 2009, maintaining a 0.8 level of the medication in my system. I soon realized it made me really sleepy and gave me random tremors and aches in my hands and joints. Because I'm still young enough (I'm a senior in high school and continue living with my parents until graduation), my mom and her family don't approve of my medication... she thinks I need to go cold turkey, and it's the same with my Bio teacher in high school.

Is it safe to suddenly stop taking the medication? I haven't taken it since the day after Christmas but my question is more like, if we stop, is this harmful? (If so, how?) I did try talking to my medical doctor and psychiatrist. They said, "It's up to you, but if you feel really, really low, like suicidal, you should be taking lithium!" The side effects and high cost of treatment irks me and seemed ineffective for two years I was in treatment.

Thanks in advance.