... depression. This I don't understand, because depression seemed to be a part of Bipolar. For the last couple of months I've been through the mill w/Adderall. I hated every minute on it. It did absolutely nothing but make me miserable! My Doctor wanted to treat the Bipolar first. I was like no, I'm not bipolar! All I've ever heard was people who have daily anger, hollering, throwing things, temper tantrums must be bipolar. It just wasn't my problem. Its just been after joining this site that I've learned the truth about this disorder. So now, I'm going to start the meds for bipolar on Monday. Can anybody tell me what I've got coming? What seems to be the best med to get started on? What has the worst side effects and am I looking at "just deal with it" weight gain? Im so confused! The symptoms of ADHD and bipolar disorder seem to be the same???