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Bipolar Disorder - I'm depressed. I need a plan?

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Delila 18 Jun 2011

Hi, ok i could write an essay about plans you could follow, but can you tell me/us a little more about your history so i don't mention things you have already done? Have you had any kind of counselling? I guess you are on meds... which ones and for how long? What is your everyday life like, r.e family, friends, sociallising, exercising... are you seeing a psychiatrist at the moment? Write back so we can try to help you

pickles503 20 Jun 2011

Hi Delila.
Yes, I have been seeing a psychiatrist for 40 years.
I'm taking Lamictal and Klonopin and Ambien for sleep.
This is a "Situational" depression, which means there's not a pill to get through some situations, and this is one.
My GP of 30 years retired. My psychiatrist of 24 years left his practice to pursue a career in Health Care Reform for the needy., and my daughter moved to another city. My son lives in Ohio. My family disowned me 5 years ago when I was in mania. I feel alone. I'm hoping to find another psychiatrist soon. Their difficult to find when I'm on medicare.

Delila 20 Jun 2011

I am so sorry to hear how tough things are for you. It's difficult to know where to start... Is your mania under control now? and if so, can your family be informed of this, be reassured by your doctor/psychiatrist so that you have a better chance to be with them? It can be scary for our families to see us like that and unless they have researched bipolar or are aware of what it 'means' it will be difficult for them to understand. When i was diagnosed, i gave my mother a book; 'bipolar for dummies', and she read it through and has a much better understanding of my 'illness' now. She knows that i can't help my mood swings and so she doesn't blame me any more. Does it seem possible for you to send your family some literature to help them understand you better? I understand how hard it is when you are getting help from one person in particular (your doctor and/or psych) and then you loose that link.

LaurieShay 18 Jun 2011

Hey pickles,

What do you need a plan for exactly? As Delila said, we might be able to help a little more if you could tell us a little more about your situation. I can't remember the details of your particular situation so please repost. There are many things to do for helping with depression. So don't despair!! We are here for you,


pickles503 22 Jun 2011

Hi Laurie! I'm going to attempt to copy and paste the answer I gave to delila. Hold your breath. pickles503 1 day 11 hours ago

LaurieShay 22 Jun 2011

Hey Anna,

I'm going to be straight forward here. You need to be under the care of a psychiatrist and a good therapist. Maybe one in the same person or two separate people. The Lamictal will help mood swings and mostly mania, but isn't going to do much for the depression. The Klonopin helps the anxiety. You may need to add an antidepressant such as Paxil, Zoloft or Lexapro that addresses the depression and anxiety. I use to take Lamictal with an atidepressant with good success, my sister who is also bipolar takes Lexapro and Lamictal and thinks it is a great combo. We are all different, but seeking a good psychiatrist to get you on the right meds is critical.

I also recommend a good therapist. Someone you can connect with and trust. Dealing with agoraphobia is important. You have the right to as normal a life as possible. A good therapist will help you slowly overcome your fears and you could prosper. free discount card

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