... out of my name for no apparent reason... this things just come out of know where, and at first i couldn't understand... i thought it was because he was stressed out at first because he had to go to court, but after that was over, he started up again with the personality change, picking arguments all the time, and saying crazy things again... if i go to the store he would accuse me of going to meet a man..if i go to handle business, he would say i was meeting a man... if my friends came over, he would get mad and get smart with them, but i found out that it had to be more than that., and lies alot to get sympathy from me telling me that his mother sister, and brother miss treated him as a child, and he tells me one thing and changes his mind all the time... he is like a doctor jeckel and mr hide... and i have never dated anyone like this... are these bipolar simptoms