... at 1500mg. Today I was working and I became very dizzy and my eyes began to race and my vision was blurred. So I layed down in my car to shake it off. I came back back into the store and vomited a few times and went ghost white. Now I've been sick with flu/sinus like symptoms since I started taking the medication and my doctor told me it's not from the medication I think it is cause I rarely get sick and all of a sudden I'm like this. Now when I went to call him the front desk person gave me problems and wouldn't allow me to speak to the doctor and it blew up my therapist got involved and I won't be returning there. So my primary doctor can't help I don't feel I need to go the out patient facility but I want to know what I should do with my depakote intake should I lover it to 1000mg or continue where I'm at or stop completely. I won't have another appointment until august 25 and I need to do somthing. Any help please I've had such a horrible day and it's not even the being sick it's being harassed by my doctors office and I can't even go to them