Hi I´m 41 years old and I´m bipolar, I was addicted to drugs and alcohol 4 20 years, I ´ve been clean four 7 years. My doc says I inhereted from my family and drugs made it worse. I lived 4 sometime with a woman who also was bipolar and it just didn´t work out at all, although we were very much in love, I finally ended the relationship causing a very strong manic stage that lasted 2 years and I´m just coming out of it ... at last. I´m being treated with lamictal, seroquel, valproic acid and clonazepam, I´m starting to "live" again, I´m running the family businesess and since I sobered up I joined the gym for mental sanity and I found that training helps me with my mood swings eventhough the medication makes me very tired plus I really don´t sleep very well either, but I can still function not as I would like to but I give it my best in everything I do. Being manic depressive is horrible, very hard to live with and people just don´t get it, I only have 4 people that I can truly say are my friends, quality over quantity.
I just joined this page although I have known it 4 some time now... looking to "meet" new people... bit hard I live in Chile.
I wanted to share this info with you cause sometimes I feel lonely and qould like to know if there is anybody out there going through the same.