... bipolar? My Dr. (psy.) said this was what I was dealing with when I told her my symptoms. I am already being treated for depression (MDD) and OCD and anxiety. I'm starting to feel like they are all tangled up together, and I don't know what is what. I am on Effexor 150/2x day, Wellbutrin 150/2x day, Zanax .5/3x day. The Effexor, Wellbutrin and Zanax have been my med's for over 5 years. After I talked to my Dr. she added Lamotrgine (.25/x7 pills). I don't know if this is helping or not. My symptoms are: Isolation (self-imposed), thoughts, not plans, of suicide/wishing God would take me already (this could be ocd in disguise?), anger, disappointment with lack of success/achievements, guilt ridden about everything that I haven't done well, poor sleeping. I seem to go through months were it is bad to very bad, then months were it's not so bad, and I start to be interested in past hobbies/seeing friends - the ones I have left. I am so confused, it is ridiculous.
This is a lot to dump on everyone all at once, so I will sign off.