... stopped effexor and cut down lithium from 800mg to 400 lithium with my doc approval . That was on the 14th of December . Although my doc told ne to just switch 150mg to 20 mg of fluoxetine I could just do it straight away cause if withdraw symptoms and I weaned off. I was fine till end if December and when continued in lithium 400mg and 20mg of fluoxetine according to my doc I fell really depressed in about two weeks time. My doc had personal problem and is away . I decided to increase the fluoxetine to 40 mg and it helped a bit but three weeks later I have racing thoughts. I'm not depressed but can't concentrate and study properly. I added 1mg of risperdal to my new regime and doesn't help much. Next week my doc will be back and I need to discuss my meds with him. Prozac I like cause doenst make me num like effexor. But it gives racing though , not depressing but poor concentration. Will I ask him to continue with risperdal or olanzipine or discuus an increase in lithium . Don't know if lithium works for that but I'd rather take only two meds. Any comment will be really appreciated. Thank you. xx