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Bipolar Disorder - How can I tell if I am falling in love or if it is the mania?

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Delila 29 Sep 2013

Are you having a manic episode right now? What are the circumstances of your relationship with the person you think you are falling in love with? How long have you known each other, how long have you felt this way...

pickles503 30 Sep 2013

Great questions, Delila. Most people try to get points, but you REALLY try to help us. L, Anna

Delila 30 Sep 2013

Thank you! That's really sweet & means a lot! : ) D x

MacIntosh12 29 Sep 2013

Do you have classic mania symptoms, which I've read can include reduction in sleep (I know you know all of this, but I'm writing it down for others), spending money like there will be no tomorrow, hyper-sexual (which one feels when in love anyway!) and other symptoms you've come to know as mania?
Delila brought up a great point!
I hope, most sincerely, that you ARE in love!

MacIntosh12 29 Sep 2013

I agree with everyone, and what Charitylane said, tread carefully.
Love IS a drug! It's most addicting indeed.

pickles503 30 Sep 2013

It would be nice if your falling in love. I once fell in love and less than 6 mos. I had my first and only manic episode and that was 7 yrs. ago, and he dropped me like a pancake that fell on the floor with syrup on it. We even went to my psychiatrists office, so he could ask questions about my condition and what to expect in the future. Well, that was a waste of an hour in my life. The pig. (he really is a pig.) He got married 3 mos. later. This was a rare happening. It won't happen to you. Talk to your doc and your man, so he understands and becomes thoroughly educated about bipolar. Lack of education is the biggest problem we have with all mental health issues. You'll instinctively know what to do. If you don't know, there's no hurry to find out if it's love or mania. Take your time. Honor yourself with the time you need to find out. I'm with you, and I do understand. Keep seeking your answer. You'll grow so much. I'm proud of you for asking us this question. It takes a lot of guts.
L, Anna

kaw06 29 Sep 2013

Everyone is in manic mode when they think that they are in love ! only time will tell you that. If you feel the same way when your depressed, and if they stick with you then as well, then it may be love :^)

charitylaraye 29 Sep 2013

I am bi polor as well. I am in a healthy relationship but I took it slow you will know in your heart if this person is right for you they will accept you even through the good times and the bad times with us bi polors it can be a bumpy ride. how long have you known this person, does this person know you are bi polor? maybe you should talk to this person and explain how you feel I pray this is helpful to you am praying for you

BiPolar69 29 Sep 2013

I have been in lust and I have been in love... both are quite fun ... how to tell the diff? By feeling INTO your body ... when I am in lust, my normal state when I am manic, I feel racy, urgent, must F something NOW ... love feels a bit smoother, romantic with violins playing ...

Whatever ... be careful of lust ... it leadeth me to put my ... erm ... self where no man fears to tread (so to speak)

MacIntosh12 29 Sep 2013

simply, and beautifully put!

coleyk01 29 Sep 2013

Everyone is correct. BiPolar69 has my vote. Married twice for that reason.

BiPolar69 29 Sep 2013

Yet ... I am a married twice, prone to serial monogamy ... BUT the most creative, most fulfilling, most happy time in my life was between marriages when I was sleeping with 3 women ... glorious ... sigh

Inactive 29 Sep 2013

BiPolar69 - you lucky dog - lucky all 3 didn't catch you! Lol -

Bearcat315 29 Sep 2013

I agree with MacIntosh. I don't know as I've ever felt as if I'm in love during a manic phase, I have experienced hyper sexuality during them however. Regardless if I have a significant other or not I often struggled not to be over sexually active. My whole outlook would change and I would become attracted very easily to women. I would have a harder time holding back my urges, I suppose. I was usually so elated I loved almost everything and everyone. On lithium the sex drive remains yet much more controlled, although my ability to display emotions is a bit difficult. I feel it, yet I have a hard time showing it.

smileyhappy 30 Sep 2013

Hi Bearcat,

I don't think that is the lithium that you cannot show emotion. At least not for me! My emotions never changed on lithium. Maybe your dose is higher. I take 600mg a day.

Bearcat315 1 Oct 2013

I take 900 mgs a day Smiley Happy thats my minimum before I drop below therapeutic levels. I have heard lithium has a tendency to mask emotions. I have experienced it. That is why I feel free when I'm off of the medication then it leads to cycling between mania and depression, this is why I still take it. I was once taking 1500 mgs a day that lasted for almost a year, and I was basically a sociopath. I still have emotions I just cant easily connect with them, or display emotion. look into it, it does have the ability to mask emotion. I feel its a tradeoff for being balanced as opposed to being out of control emotionally.

ironmaidn 30 Sep 2013

This is a good question as well as a little tricky. I am a duel diagnosis person. I have Bipolar and am a recovering addict of sorts. That said, from my personal experience love feels very different to me than mania. Love is an intense emotion to me. I'll admit i do become consumed by it. Perhaps us "Bipolars" are just more passionate people? :). Mania for me is a state of being for me. While it consumes me as well, it's different. I feel almost out of control. I'm often late for work, my sleep is thrown off, I shop excessively. My sex drive goes into overdrive and I have trouble sitting still. I do everything at "warp" speed. It becomes a medical concern rather than an intense emotion/feeling. I can only recognize the difference because I've been diagnosed with BP/Addiction for almost

pickles503 30 Sep 2013

Oh, Delila, that had to be awful for you. I'm not sure, but I don't think I could continue working with them, under these horrible circumstances. You must be very strong.
No, I haven't had a relationship for 18 years, nor have I been married, and I don't think it would be wise for me to have one. As you already know, I'm bipolar, agoraphobic and have PTSD. There's not a man on earth that could deal with my mental problems. I've had many offers, but deep in my heart I knew that I didn't want to take that chance. I like my freedom, now. Love comes in many forms to me, and to love myself and God are the most satisfying relationships I could ever have.
Once again, Delila, I'm so sorry for this dreadful situation you had to go through.
Our friends help us both out, and for that, I am extremely grateful.
Thank you for being my friend.
L, Anna

Delila 1 Oct 2013

Thanks Anna. It was really tough, & a lot of people said how strong i was to get through that. I shouldn't have put myself in that situation though - not good for mental health! This happened in 2007, and i've not considered a relationship since. The 2 relationships i had previous to that were very aggressive - i don't have a good track record! lol. But we move on and find strength in our family and friends. I am so lucky to have a strong relationship with my family. I am getting (another) tattoo soon (when i raise the money), and it will say "Ifemelli Ubuntu" which means "Family, i am because we are" : )

ironmaidn 2 Oct 2013

@Delila - LUV the tattoo idea! Super cool! free discount card

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