... discuss with my dr. I have been on to avid stuff, then we took me off everything almost , because I thought I don't need meds , well u know That was
A mistake... I've had several operations
6 in 5 years different things gastric bypass, hernia, a gastric revision there was a huge blockage, then 4 rotator cuff repairs and then a shoulder replacement.. Then I was diagnosed Bipolar first I can't take benzos any ideas? I can't take seraquil or hydroxyzine.i just went on I vega 1.5 2x
Conidine0.2 3x day,lamictal 150 mg 2x
Garbapentin 300 mg. 2x and next week she's going to add. I can't take so many things . She's tried lithium, no go.
Tonight I had stroke like symptoms .
I slurred my speech so bad and could hardly walk. My legs have been week all weak. I'm a 55 year old female.

Any ideas for anxiety??? Something like benzos but no benzos