I can't take anything that increases cholesterol, BP, Blood Sugar, injury to Kidney or Liver, increase sleep apnea or weight gain. I was diagnosed 4 years ago with Hashimoto's disease which causes me to be VERY sensitive to known side affects in addition to my own body causing rare, new or unknown side affects. I've been sick mentally & physically for 4 years now which has now caused me to be suicidal more times than I can count. I know there is an arguement between thryoid disorder and bipolar and which came first but it seems like the more physch drugs given to me causes me more mental harm. At age 53 I am now cutting myself in addition my original suicide tendacies. So far the only drug that helps me best with my extreme fatigue and depression is Adderall but nothing seems to work well with it. I've tried Lamictal, Paxil, Pristiq, Prozac and several others which either caused rash, fits of rage, tremors, memory loss, or just no help at all. My GP, Endocrenologist and Phychiatrist are always in a battle as to what to medicate first and how. Everything feels hopeless and all I want to do is take care of my family and go back to work. I was in a high ranking I.T. position 4 years ago and now I can't even go out to get groceries.