... go to another dr for a second opinion. The reason for this is because my whole life ive had some depression and was on effexor which worked great until i built a tolerance to it and it quit working. Also They've tried 3 different mood stabilizers in the last 6 months and the only thing they've done is bring me down to where i have no energy and feel like doing nothing. If i was bipolar then wouldn't being on the antidepressant alone make me worse and being on the mood stabilizers have made me better? I'm drifting here alone because when i asked for the 2nd opinion from a different dr the dr dropped me as a patient... i guess i offended him greatly by asking. Ive got another week before i can see a different dr and im kind of afraid that ill unintentionally mislead him when diagnosing me because i disagreed with the other drs assessment of symptoms i reported. Any feedback is greatly appreciated