I was diagnosed Bipolar 8 years ago.I have been on and off every drug in the world. A few months ago my decided to retry some old meds after I lost my insurance. I am currently on Lithium300mg 3Xper day, Neurontin 300mg 3Xper day, and Paxil 40mg 1Xper day. I have been on this since June, My Lithium levels are fine. I had them checked one month ago. For the last month I have been extremely sick at my stomach. Every time I take my meds I end up at the point of almost vomiting and it last for hours. My doctor put me on Phenergan 25mg to take before my other meds but it is not helping. I am almost to the point of stopping everything to get some relief but I don't know if I could mentally take that. Has anyone got any advice? I need help