Thanks everybody, I am just confused with the state I am in. I don't know if I should just deal with the mood swings and hope they go away because it scares me to think I would have to be taking such powerful medication like that everyday. Also I don't want it to have to change my life from how it is now really either. When I am at work, school, or in public situations is when I notice the swings the most, but I never really remember anyone telling me I seemed bi polar at all. My major issue is I really want a job again and to go back to school but when I work or have to sit in a seat for a long time in a lecture, or in a public setting, I get extremely worked up. Were I am going really fast and just trying my best to focus on getting out of there as fast as possible. That is usually when I accidentally say things that may be mean to people or get agitated with my self. I usually realize later that what I said was probably not the best way to about talking about it. Then other days I feel as if it is such a chore and or is so boring to have to be doing things like I would rather be doing anything else, like sleeping, than just doing the same job or the same class again. This is usually when I either feel really sick to my stomach or even sometimes just say I feel sick to get out of doing things.