I had a generalized full body dystonic reaction on 11/10/10 and my prescriber has told me at least for the forseeable future I won't be trying atypicals for awhile. I've been on Risperdal which worked well but 50lbs weight gain, then Zyprexa and ditto weight gain 100lbs in 15 months, weee! I was on Abilify for 2 years and it took that long to add another 50lbs and I said my physical health is really suffering and I have to lose weight. I discontinued my Abilify on 8/11/10 and by October was in a full blown mania with paranoia and delusions constantly working on a vast conspiracy theory and untrusting of everyone in some way or another. My prescriber (new, new insurance as of Oct. 1st) prescribed Geodon when I first saw him 10/25. It took about 3 weeks and I had a horrible generalized reaction where I sat in an ER waiting room for 5 hours until the dystonia became so intense I was shaking and weeping without otherwise being able to move at all. My point in telling all of these details is to express my own fear and reluctance to try an atypical again even though my cycle puts me back in mania in the next 3-6 months. I'm particularly scared because I developed severe Psoriatic Arthritis which has invaded every joint, literally. With constant pain and mania and the medication schedule and types of meds I need to be on for my pain and other conditions is a serious situation to think about. I've been losing weight rapidly because of the pain but I'm still 100lbs over my ideal weight of 200 at 6'5". Losing the weight is very important to relieve some of this incredible pain. I'm stuck! Can anyone help with any of this? I am still working on a reduced schedule with flexible hours and breaks and working from home. I used up all of my sick/vacation/personal time for a year. I work in a very small office and so I can't use the FMLA to go to a hospital for inpatient treatment to be safe while the mania is safely broken by meds that may cause another dystonic reaction. I feel I have few options and I know my mental health is suffering greatly even with all of my education and training and experience getting better. Please help me. Thank you, Michael