Hi Im 41, male and .. bipolar I aslo suffer of OCD, rigth now i am at night on 250mg valcote(valproic acid) and 150 mg of seroquel, in the mornings 200mg of and during the day clonozepan ( not generic) I dont know the fantasy name in the states as I am in Chile and I wake up everyday at 6 , I sleep well but very tired, I work out and I make a great effort, also during the day.

I have taking lamictal for 3 years, seroquel for 2 years, valcote for 6 months and clonazepam for 10 years.

I am just coming out of a very strong maniancal episode, it lasted 2 years and took 900mg plus so much other stuff, well as u all know one can´t sleep etc, but I went mad... it was a nightmare, I could´nt do anything just train.