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Bipolar Disorder - what cause bipolar? do you get from your family?

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masso 20 Oct 2015


The exact cause of bipolar disorder is unknown, but several factors may be involved, such as:

Biological differences. People with bipolar disorder appear to have physical changes in their brains. The significance of these changes is still uncertain but may eventually help pinpoint causes.
Neurotransmitters. An imbalance in naturally occurring brain chemicals called neurotransmitters seems to play a significant role in bipolar disorder and other mood disorders.
Inherited traits. Bipolar disorder is more common in people who have a first-degree relative, such as a sibling or parent, with the condition. Researchers are trying to find genes that may be involved in causing bipolar disorder.

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WildcatVet 20 Oct 2015

My father and his mother both had Bipolar disorder (called manic-depression in their day) so there is likely a familial aspect for some people, but people with no family history can also develop this condition.

Stephen Treloar 21 Oct 2015

Psych issues run in my family but seem to have been re-inforced in my generation (my direct siblings) so I have an Aunt and a cousin who have adult ADD and the cousin is sociopathic and narcissistic, another cousin gets seizures which she denies (they are unpleasant to watch). My brother and one sister have full blown OCD and my other sister and I have minor OCD; she rarely suffers from any mania since she turned about 30 and I got everything (bipolar, personality disorder, delusions, psychosis, anxiety and cruel depression about 6 out of 12 months a year). Mum apologized to me for my unlucky draw but it's not like it was deliberate. My paternal grandmother mother was vile, aggressive and delusional. My father was almost incapacited by the manifestations of stress and died young of a heart attack. In my case the blood clots lodged in my left hip resulting in bone necrosis. I think my dad was lucky.

Riverratq 21 Oct 2015

In my case my Mother had Bipolar my 2 half Sisters 1 Schizoaffecive the other Schizopherenic. I have Schizoaffective and my son OCD possibly Bipolar. Definitely genetic predisposition unfortunately. I went a long time with out severe symptoms than at 40 they started getting worse. free discount card

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