... 50s, and have been struggling with Bipolar Affective Disorder since I was 16 years old (probably longer; that was when I was diagnosed). I have had only three psychiatrist in almost forty years. I think that is amazing. But now, I think I have made a mistake in sticking with so few. I moved back to my birth town approximately 5 years ago, and, of course, I found a doc with the best reputation. We had a rocky start because I was so attached to my psychiatrist I had seen in D.C. for more than 20 years. So he had some big shoes to fill, but after four years, he surpassed any trite comparisons.
Has anyone ever hit that magical "cocktail?" It appears that I have over the past year. I am in shock and keep dreading that my even mood will slip away from me. I pray that it does not! So here is my current magical mix:
Abilify - 10/mg p.m.; Celexa - 60/mg p.m.; Klonapin - 1/mg p.m.; Eskalith-CR - 2000/mg p.m.; Geodon - 80mg/2xdaily; Lamictal - 300/mg p.m.; Ritalin - 20mg/3xdaily; Provigil - 300mg/a.m.
So has anyone out there have a doctor that has been able to steer you to just the right mix - working in collaboration with you since only you really know your body and how the meds affect your body