Schizoaffective Bipolar disorder (sort of because the doctor hasn’t officially put this on file) since last February, following a frightening psychotic episode. Frightening enough that I now have PTSD from witnessing this event.

Anyway, since about May 2018, he has been depressed. He’s been on Zyprexa, then added Wellbutrin to the mix - depression got worse in July and was in hospital where they added Effexor and Abilify - then the Wellbutrin was discontinued and Effexor increased, now he’s off the Zyprexa. Currently, he’s on Effexor 150 mg and Abilify at 10mg. The Abilify was increased and Zyprexa removed and has had this combo for two weeks now.

... and he’s STILL depressed and I’m growing more and more frustrated by the day.

I’ve been as supportive as I possibly can be. I had gotten him to agree to see a therapist - he went once and never went back. I’ve had him admitted for depression so they could do a medication review. I got him a gym membership. He sees a psychiatrist every 6-8 weeks. I let him sleep. I don’t badger him about his illness. I have even completely absorbed all the responsibility of caring for our kids and home. I’ve been compassionate and empathetic. But NOTHING is changing.

My husband used to be such a happy guy who loved to laugh. He absolutely adored our children and would play dress up and Barbies with them.

Now, there’s nothing. He doesn’t play with the kids. If he has to feed them, they literally eat toaster waffles or dry cereal. He doesn’t talk to me much. No intimacy. NOTHING. I love him so dearly but my goodness, I don’t know how much more of this I can handle.

I’m trying to maintain a normal life for my kids so that they never know what’s going on, but now they’re wondering why their daddy doesn’t love them. I tell them he does, but imagine being 4 and 8 and trying to believe that when he literally has almost zero interaction with them.

I know this isn’t the place for my venting, but where I’m going with this is - WHEN WILL THE MEDS KICK IN??

Sorry if I offend anyone, but I swear, I’m not trying to be selfish