... Last year he was also dx with Aspergers(high functioning). I also have a 16 year old who was officially dx at 7 with Bipolar I and PDD. In his almost 10 years of treatment, he was finally rx Clozaril. He has been on it for 3 years and is taking 500mg, along with Haldol. He has been stablized ever since.
Now my 14 yr old, in only 3 years of being dx, has surpassed my 16 year old in every medication. He has been hospitalized twice and was in a residential facility for 5 months. He has only been taking Clozaril for 4 months with Lamictal. He takes 400mg of Clozaril and it has not helped him at all. Recently, his psychiatrist decided to put him on Vraylar while weaning him off of the Clozaril. The Dr cannot understand why figure out why no anti-psychotics have ever worked longer than a month or not at all.
Since he is out of options for meds, he has asked me to think long and hard about putting him in a residential home that specializes in his disorders. It breaks my heart to even think about sending him away, especially when the best places are in different states than where we live.
I'm sorry that I wrote so much, but I'm hoping someone here can help me, because I am not just scared for his own safety, but the rest of our family, too