... even though I can see these worms in my stool. I did one praziquantel treatment for 3 days along with Albendazole for 14 days and now, 3 weeks later, I am finding larval worms on skin, scalp and stools. Can I do another praziquantel treatment NOW?? My doctor is very slow to help me & I am in pain, pain loosing more weight and feel crazy. I'm going to take my dog's stool for testing along with sample jar of worms for ID to our local university animal diagnostic lab. Has anyone had similar difficulty or experience getting worms ID'd by local labs?
I can also feel a nodule, under left armpit, that feels like the snout of an adult worm(about 1/8" in size, circular and projecting out of area about the same length. I'm having a surgeon check it out tomorrow. Additionally, one evening, I felt a flurry of worm activity throughout my upper body lymph system-making me feel crazy. The worms traveled to my heart and it was so painful I called 911 as I thought I was having a heart attack. They also shot up my neck and behind my ear (in some vein/artery) to the top of my scalp where I can now feel squishy bodies. This causes me concern as I do NOT want these worms in my brain.
Please has anyone had these symptoms or something similar??Honestly I feel I'm am going nuts... this is why I'm ready to self treat with another round of Prazaquental.