Hi, i am a 22 year old female and have bruising along the inner aspect of the orbital bone of both my eyes. The bruising is very light, looks like two lines, one being along the sides of the nose from the eyebrow curving around to just below the eye. Then there is a small space and the next bruise line continues just a little bit further along the orbital bone. I am concerned because it is the same on both eyes and i have not had any facial trauma or anything. I've also noticed a very small palpable bump on the lower left orbital bone towards the side of the nose. i only really noticed it when i touched my eyes one morning and felt pain, then looked in the mirror and saw this. It has been about 5 days and looks the same. I have been very stressed and studying alot with my computer so i was thinking it was just eye strain but i dont seem to see bruising listed under that anywhere. I dont have a stuffed nose or teary eyes. I have been having headaches often. I dont have glasses or vision problems.