i have now had 2 small puppies die with in a few months apart... the 1st was a teacup chi when i got her she was just a 1/2 lb... 4days after i got her, she got sick and found out she was ate up w/bacteria that took her life... she was 2 months and 3 days old when she passed... i sterilized my house, i sprayed bleach water on my floors and at work cuz i kept her w/me since she was so little... a month later my daughter bought another pup 3 days before Christmas, i told her i would take pup for shots after the 1st of the yr... well this pup got sick on Saturday Jan. 2, i figure it was something he ate, i took it 2 get shots on Monday and found out it had the same bacteria my other pup had and it also passed. The vet swears its not in my house but i believe it is... giardia and campo we both detected in the pups... how to i get rid of it