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Biaxin - what kind of antibiotic should I use for colds?

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kaismama 7 Jan 2013

Absolutely none, colds are caused by a virus, not a bacteria.

ngaitanis 7 Jan 2013

should I take anything or let it run its course? i had this cold for 3 weeks and its just lingering.

cupcake7667 7 Jan 2013

Mucinex is great for congestion. The colds going around right now are nasty and lasting a long time. Build up your immune system with supplements/herbs as long as they don't interact with any meds you take. Talk to a pharmacist. I've had the same cold and am finally on the tail end: Vit C, B vits, there is a wellness formula you can get at a whole foods. Avoid dairy, and let it run its course. I know it's not pleasant. If you have teeth sensitivity and tenderness in your sinus area you may have a sinus infection, but would want it diagnosed by your doctor. Sending healing thoughts!

cupcake7667 7 Jan 2013

You never want to use antibiotics when not necessary, especially for as something as a cold. You use over the counter medicines. Due to the use of doctors overprescribing antibiotics we have more and more strains of infections per se that are antibiotic resistant. Never take antibiotics if you don't have to. FYI, antibiotics do treat viral infections as well. There's great OTC meds for colds. Best!

cupcake7667 7 Jan 2013

I meant antibiotics DO NOT treat viral infections. Sorry for the typo :-) free discount card

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