So, I was told I need a mood stabilizer, but no doctor, psychiatrist or my RN has come out and told me, hey - you're bipolar, everything's going to be ok, but this is what you are.

Why am I not being communicated with clearly? And, how common is what I am experiencing?
I mean, I can say that for the last 3 years (since being married) I have definitely been more susceptible to being annoyed and having "episodes" with my wife. I lose control often and really turn into someone that is not discernible to me. I do and say things that I regret later because I often threaten divorce and other sorts of threats.

What can I do to be more comfortable with where I am in the stage of my treatment plan right now? I'm 14 days into 25mg of Lamotrigine. First week and half was awesome, but I was also staying away from my wife entirely. (did not live in the same home). Day 13 was fine, day 14 yesterday was a blow-up episode because she became frustrated I did not give our son a bath as soon as she requested it. He's 23 months old.

TIA for the support.