Diagnosed with bi polar 2 in my early twenties. Had come to a balance with 900 lithium and 5 to 10 mg lexapro(Still some episodes but always long hypo manic ups and flat but manageable downs). But was also a heavy drinker, usually 2 to 3 times a week since late teens. Moved home with my parents after having some severe bouts with depression, I think wich was due to a broken heart and work conditions in a factory that I was allergic too . When I came home the Dr took me off lexapro and increased lithium to 1200 last year. I got really sick over the summer and haven't really been able to handle drinking like I used to.I also was given limictol but switched the generic on accident and it gave me a terrible reaction . When I finally felt better i started to drink again once every week or every other week.It was mostly light beer only like 2 to 5 drinks on occasion (I used to drink 10+). It left me feeling very flat for days after, even after only a couple of beers. Its taking some getting used too and I think I can learn to live without drinking as a major part of my life. Except lately Ive been experiencing a lot of anxiety and manic bouts especially when dealing with creative stuff(I make music) and daily scheduling things for my life(apts, meetings, chores etc).I recently started limictol again, Im at 50 mg so not yet starting to see any effect. Im wondering if this is the right call or is there something better to help calm me down and eleviate anxiety(also help with the alcohol cravings wich i still have)? Im swimming and doing yoga a couple times a week since Dec. Have a stable living situation and low bills. Easy job plus healthy gf (Im head over heels for). I dont understand why I would still be feeling such intense mania and so much anxiety all the time !!! Sleep has also become hard at times.Depression hasn't been as bad only after drinking or a severe manic bout but managable. Also diagnosed add/adhd for the second time (once when I was a kid). Hoping someone out there has dealt with bi polar when trying to clean up your life? Also lithium plus what other drugs should I consider for anxiety/ dealing with these intese agitated manic states. Im getting them 3 to 4 times a month since I cut back on the drinking? Do people find that trying to have goals and creative stuff going on make you so manic to the point of making it hard to function ? First time Im really tring to get some answers and insight into this illness any help is appreciated