Please help... On march 27th I started taking ortho tri-clycen lo and at the time I was expected to get my period the following day or two on March 28 or 29. The doctor said I could take it that day if I wanted so I did because I wanted to get it in my system. Well she said I would probably miss my period but instead it was postponed until very late evening on April 9th. I still have it, and tonight will make a week. I'm not on the green pill in the middle yet and I thought that was when you were supposed to get your period then? So I start the green pill tomorrow night- I take the pill every night at 10:30. Should I continue taking the green pills if I stop my period tomorrow or should I start a new package so I start fresh? And if I keep taking the green pill can I still have unprotected sex with my boyfriend? Please help I am beyond confused