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Beyond a certain dose of an opioid (e.g. morphine)increase in does will not increase pain relief?

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Inactive 11 Jun 2010

I dont understand what you mean by this does it increase pain relief for you? or does it not? or is that the question you are asking?

barbles2413 11 Jun 2010

i do not understand what you mean

Inactive 11 Jun 2010

I think what youre asking is this; after a certain point of tolerance build up do different opioids (even if they are stronger) stop giving pain relief? If this is what youre asking then i dont believe so, aspecially when it comes to morphine. While morphine is a very strong drug, there are also many drugs that are many times more potent than it, so if youre tolerance to morphine has built so high it no longer effects you, you might want to try to switch to something else free discount card

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