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What is the best way to withdrawl from clonazepan???

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kaismama 18 Nov 2012

It needs to be tapered slowly. And your doctor should be helping you with it.

Inactive 19 Nov 2012

You are exactly correct kaismama. Since clonazepam has such a long half-life, one must reduce dosage very slowly. Preferably under the supervision of your doc or psychiatrist. Another thing to consider, has the reason for taking clonazepam disappeared? I,personally, tapered down and off of clonazepam and the reason I took it, panic and anxiety, reared their ugly heads once more. It was awful. Please be very careful.
Peace and good will to all,

Sweet Hippy

Inactive 19 Nov 2012

Always talk to your doctor, but I have found that they tend to do withdrawals from medication a bit faster than I am comfortable with. I have always been successful w/d from meds, but I go very slowly, and wait at the very least a week between cutting down each time. That way I have no problems, and my body adjusts easier. Best wishes to you, and I hope that you are successful!!

rc4 14 Jan 2013

HI- Irmassaucedo65- I can answer this question with a lttle more information. I need to know how much you are roughly taking daily, if it is a daily medication. Also, has it been prescribed by your doctor . Are you working right now, do you have insurance, etc…. Also, be honest, are you just buying it on the street and are fed up or ran out and need to quit. I am on .5 mgs 3x a day and klonopin or clanazapam has such a long hife life, mainly meaning that it stays in your system awhile. I have used clonidine and a few librium to withdrawal off of clanazapam before . The clonidine is an amazing drug for withdrawlof several types becuse it is non habit forming , and its taken to lower your blood pressure, which in turn lowers the heart rate and helps keep you calm and steady (again depending on how much daily intake of clonazapam you are getting off of. )If it is a high dose, you wll definitaly need medical assisitance or a detox of so kind. free discount card

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