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Best way to get off suboxone?

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Jillynnie 27 Dec 2011

Hello and welcome to the site. Are you asking this question for yourself? If so, what dose are you on, and how long have you been on subs?
You can look up PattiShan61's avatar and click on her profile. She describes how she was able to taper down off of the subs with minimal side effects.

I hope this helps you!

Best of luck,

YL 27 Dec 2011

Yes, very helpful. send it to pattiShan61's?

Jillynnie 27 Dec 2011

You can friend her and ask her the question directly, or you can post your info here and wait for her to see the post and reply. Either way, she will be able to hopefully see the post. OR you can also start a new thread asking for her help specifically.

We are here to help and support you the best we can!

YL 27 Dec 2011

It says she is not on there

YL 27 Dec 2011

Thank you so much. When I got a response from you, felt so relieved.. Don't feel as alone. Ya know...

Jillynnie 28 Dec 2011

I wanted to check in on you. I am sorry that I haven't been on sooner but I have had some family things I am working on. I will check in later this evening to see if you have answered.

Best to you,

Inactive 28 Dec 2011

Harmony's proven weaning schedule:
You need a ruler, suboxone strips and a calendar, if possible, a friend to help keep you honest.
Take it down from where ever you are at. You can make bigger jumps at first but it still needs to be slow and regular the lower you get. It is the small doses that really matter and you must stick to the schedule.

carefully fold and then divide a strip into 1/4ths. you can either take it in the morning or at bedtime. Pick either time and stay with it. Take 1/4 a day for 4 days. mark it on your calendar. Then using your ruler, divide a strip into 1/5ths. Take one for five days. Then do 1/6ths, 1/7ths and 1/8s. Then, see how you feel if any withdrawal, break one more strip into eigths. Now, only take a piece if you feel physical w/d symptoms only, (use that calendar), increase that number of hrs. and days between pieces. You may not even finish that last strip! God Bless you and Good Luck, free discount card

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