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Best treatment for welding relating eye irritation/burning?

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MacIntosh12 7 Mar 2013

Hi bsian76,
Your best bet would be to go to the ER, having said that, there is a product called Refresh P.M., buy the 'sensitive, preservative free' type.
You spread about 1/8 an inch ribbon on your finger, pull down your lower lid and swipe the goo into your eye.
It works very well and helps relieve the pain, yet you CAN'T drive while using this stuff. You can use it during the day, as well, IF you don't plan on driving.
There are also eye-drops that are preservative free that may help you, too.
I just had an eye problem and my optham. told me to buy all of this stuff and it really worked quite well in helping the pain. It's all over the counter.
BUT, you don't want to ignore this by not going to the doctor... was that a triple negative sentence? ha ha
See your doctor, or opthamologist about your eyes. You may need something stronger or an antibiotic. Don't mess about with your vision, too important!
Good luck to you,

MacIntosh12 7 Mar 2013

P.S.Using Refresh P.M. your vision will be quite bad, it's like having a blob of vaseline in your eyes. That is why you can't drive whilst using this product.

Inactive 7 Mar 2013

I just want to say, if anyone would know about eye problems, it would be our sweet Lara. Bless her heart. She had an aweful experience. We're so glad she's better. Hope you get better too. Ruthie

kaismama 7 Mar 2013

And wear goggles next time. You can do major damage to your eye with watching welding without them. free discount card

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