I have 2 blown disks in my neck, along with spuring, arthritis, and nerve pain down both arms.. I have degenerative disks in lower back with nerve pain down left leg. These 2 conditions are over 15 years old. 2 Years ago I tore both rotator cuff muscles, one 66% and one 75%. I can only sleep on my sides. I wake up every 2 hours in pain and must switch sides. Currently, I take one Hydro w/2 aspirin in the morning, around 3:00 PM I take one Hydro w/Ibruprofen. At bedtime I take one Tramadol/with Acetemphine PM. At 2:30 AM I take one Hydro with Acetemphine PM. Pain is getting worse and sleep is getting less. Any Help you can suggest? I also go to a chiropractor once per week, and see an orthopedic surgion, but despite the pressure to have surgery, I will not consider that option. I have had steriod shots for both the shoulders and neck problems and they provide temporary relief.