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What is the best treatment for arthritic knee? Hot or Cold?

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Lisa01 14 May 2015

Basically, it's whatever feels best to you. I live with my heating pad during the winter months! If you have swelling, you'll want to use ice/cold packs. If you've been up on it for a while, you might want to start with a cold pack and then use heat on the surrounding muscles. There's a gel called Mineral Ice that really helps me. I realize this isn't a really definitive answer, but it really is mostly a personal choice.

cjd22 17 May 2015

Thank you so much for the advice. I will try what you suggest. Its hard to now have this knee act up. i like to run/walk fast each day on treadmill at my lunch hour. Now I have to slow down and it depresses me. I am 58 and very active.
Thanks again.

Lisa01 17 May 2015

Exercise is actually a good way to help alleviate your pain. Arthritis causes pain and stiffness in your joints. Exercise will help the stiffness which will help with the pain. You probably shouldn't run, but walking is good. Swimming is even better. Water has greater resistance than you'd think along with the low/no impact benefit. You can also ask your dr about getting some synvisc injections. I found them to be very helpful for several years. I wish you the very best of luck! free discount card

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