I have heard a lot of different times to first take the pill and would like to know what has worked for you guys. I went to a treatment program called the watershed in south florida and it cost me eight thousand cash for a ten day detox and I no longer have that kind of cash. Arriving high to treatment at about eleven one night, I was started on subutex the very next morning, then the following morning started on suboxone. Everything was fine and my detox went very smoothly. Anyway, i"m doing it on my own now, and without the subutex. I just dont want to take the pill too soon and go into bad withdraws, so what would be a good time? Some people have told me they have dropped it at ten hours, and some said wait 24, then some say take it right when you feel kind of sick. Well what is kind of sick. I just want to make a smooth transition. Please, if someone can give me some feedback quickly I would greatly appreciate it because I am getting ready to do this today/??? Todd from st. louis